Simulations of future metapopulation dynamics resulted in decreasing and lower final occupancy in production forest than in set-asides, especially of specialist species. In set-aside stands


Metapopulation Dynamics: Empirical and Theoretical Investigations covers the 1989 proceedings of a metapopulation dynamics workshop held at Lammi Biological Station, Helsinki, Finland. It is divided into 18 chapters that cover various approaches to spatially structured population and community dynamics.

Ecology 93: 235-241. Ranius, T., Johansson, V. & Fahrig,  Sammanfattning: A recent study [Harding and McNamara, 2002. A unifying framework for metapopulation dynamics. Am. Nat. 160, 173-185] presented a unifying  The crested newt has generally been considered as performing metapopulation dynamics. (Miaud et al.

Metapopulation dynamics

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11. Hanski I . 2001Population  Metapopulation. Metapopulation är en population som är geografiskt uppdelad i Using logistic regression to model metapopulation dynamics: Large.

The experimental fragmentation of In the context of metapopulation dynamics, generalists are expected to have higher landscape-scale occupancy than specialists, which leads to higher connectivity and higher colonization In accordance with metapopulation theory, our model describes how colonization and extinction processes determine spatial and temporal variation in occupancy dynamics (Hanski and Gaggiotti 2004).

Metapopulation biology is concerned with the dynamic consequences of migration among local populations and the conditions of regional persistence of species with unstable local populations.

San  Project title (eng):, Metapopulation dynamics and functional diversity of saproxylic fungi in fragmented landscapes with contrasting land-use histories. Adm. org. av D GUSTAFSON · 2002 · Citerat av 12 — En metapopulation består av ett större antal befintliga och potentiella habitat med ett antal livskraftiga Metapopulation dynamics and amphibian conservation.

Metapopulation dynamics

A practical model of metapopulation dynamics ILKKA HANSKI Department of Zoology, Division of Ecology, PO Box 17 (P Rautatiekatu 13), SF-00014, University of Helsinki, Finland Summary 1. This paper describes a novel approach to modelling of metapopulation dynamics. The model is constructed as a generalized incidence function, which describes how

Ecol. 2, 132–178 (1933). Andrewartha, H. G. & Acknowledgements. I thank S. Such a collection of populations and its dynamics is called metapopulation dynamics.

Metapopulation dynamics

Departments of Entomology and Biology, Pennsylvania State Metapopulation Dynamics Metapopulation theory and concepts are the central paradigm for understanding the spatial and temporal dynamics of species interactions. Our research explores these sorts of ecological dynamics using mathematical tools, species record databases and experimental approaches. metapopulation dynamics, habitat patch area and iso-lation, and to what extent other factors possibly im-prove the predictive power of metapopulation models. Spatial variation in the environment can conceivably affect metapopulation dynamics in many different ways (Murphy et al. 1990). At the level of a single patch, It thus follows that adopting a landscape ecological perspective to metapopulation dynamics entails understanding how a spatial pattern, such as habitat fragmentation or heterogeneity, affects the Simulations of future metapopulation dynamics resulted in decreasing and lower final occupancy in production forest than in set-asides, especially of specialist species.
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Metapopulation dynamics. Nature Allee effect and population dynamics in the Glanville fritillary butterfly. It further provides the necessary scientific background on both metapopulation dynamics and population viability analysis. A special feature of Meta-X is that it  En metapopulation är ett ekologiskt begrepp för system av lokala populationer av samma art som är rumsligt åtskilda. De lokala populationerna är så små att de  av L Adamsson — Keywords: Geography, Physical Geography, Landscape Ecology, Landscape Index, GIS, broad-leaved Spatially realistic theory of metapopulation ecology.

To increase our understanding of metapopulation dynamics in static and dynamic landscapes, quantitative models are useful tools. They can be used to predict the response of species to a changing environment, or in conservation planning (Bascompte and Solé 1998, Hanski 1999, Akçakaya and Sjögren-Gulve 2000, Beissinger and McCullough 2002).
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demonstrate the importance of metapopulation dynamics and landscape con-nectivity for the persistence of populations in fragmented landscapes. The observation that locally abundant species tend to be widespread, whereas locally rare species tend to be narrowly distributed, is one of the most pervasive patterns in ecology (1–3).

The model may be fitted to presence/absence data from a metapopulation at a dynamic equilibrium between extinctions and colonizations. Using the estimated Eco-Evolutionary Metapopulation Dynamics 31 uralist that the model gives a good approximation of the stationary state of an individual-based model in which genetic variance and drift are modeled mechanistically. Stochastic Patch Occupancy Model We model the presence or absence of a species in a finite network of habitat patches. The Modeled metapopulation dynamics. Metapopulation growth, in terms of the number of adults in the metapopulation (λ m) was mainly determined by local population processes, whereas change in patch occupancy (λ o) reflected the dispersal mode combined with seed 2020-11-07 · Metapopulation dynamics seem to be important for this species, since it may persist at a metapopulation level even though the conditions and population sizes in individual trees are changing.

This method offers an improved link between connectivity and metapopulation dynamics. Our framework is applied to connectivities estimated for marine larvae 

Populations of butterflies and coral-reef fishes are good examples of metapopulation . A toxicant‐dosed metapopulation model was used to explore the range of possible dynamics of populations in contaminated field sites. A single species metapopulation model was developed that is discrete, deterministic, and incorporates doseresponse curves and biotic growth rates to describe the effects of contamination on a metapopulation.

By: P.A. Buckley and R. Downer. Edited by: D.R. McCullough and R.H. Barrett  11 Jun 2013 Persistence of the metapopulation dynamics is a result of the balance between local extinction of populations in patches and colonization  5 Nov 1998 Metapopulation biology is concerned with the dynamic consequences of migration among local populations and the conditions of regional  Description: In many respects, amphibian spatial dynamics resemble classical metapopulation models, where subpopulations in breeding ponds blink in and out  28 May 2016 Ecology: Graduate Level; Meta-Population: - Concept of Metapopulation.- Dynamics of Metapopulation- Conditions for definition.- Types of  Fabritius, H., A. Jokinen, and M. Cabeza. 2017.